Issue #32 | Jun 2015


Be Our Guest
By Daniel Chou

It's one thing to show generosity to our peers. It's another thing to show hospitality to someone who really needs your help.

An Empty Room and An Open Heart
By Hanna Sung

Preparing to bring another child into the family through adoption meant huge changes to Hanna and her husband's lives.

We Are Family, All the Gangsters, Strangers and Me
By Alisa Wong with Lee Nguyen

Former gang members, broken families, relatives — they're all considered family and invited to live in the Nguyen mobile home.

A Cheerful Giver
By Yulan Lin with Meg and Randy Palisoc

When it comes to showing generosity, how far is going too far? Meg and Randy Palisoc reflect on Randy’s tendency to freely give — even without always considering the social implications.

Received with Hospitality
By Esther Kim

The trip to Thailand was supposed to be a vacation. But the people taught Esther what it meant to be present.

Home Is Where the Heart Is
By Anne Hu with Luke Hsu

When severe rainstorms destroyed their beloved home, Anne Hu and Luke Hsu discovered a new home in an unexpected place.

An Unexpected Advocate (Part Two)
By Ken Uyeda Fong

As the debate takes shape, Ken learns what it means to lay down his position of power and privilege, and the fine line between dialogue and monologue.