Issue #31 | May 2015


Two Roads Diverged
By Daniel Chou

Sometimes, change is all that we long for. Other times, change is the very thing we want to avoid. Regardless, change is inevitable.

Denied and Derecognized
By Grace Wong with Greg Jao and Daniel Allen

InterVarsity isn't the only one that's facing difficulties from the California State University system's decision to enforce nondiscrimination in student organizations.

A Year (Not) Wasted
By Erina Kim-Eubanks

Erina had always measured her worth through her hard work and productivity. Imagine her surprise when God invited her to take a year off to stop and reflect on what He was doing instead.

Get Out of the Boat
By John Riley with Linh Ly

For the third time in her life, Linh Ly felt God calling her to drop what she was doing to follow Him. But this time, the call took her beyond the scope of traditional ministry.

By Sarah Park

Growing up means asking some tough questions, that don't always have clear answers.

Standing on Shifting Ground
By Joyce Chang with Rae Weng

Rae navigates her struggles and triumphs from marriage to a pastor, finally learning what God expected of her as a pastor’s wife.

The Paths of an Uncertain Journey
By Joseph De Leon

When a medical emergency interrupted his perfect summer plans, Joe learned to trust in God’s plans as the people he had intended to help served him instead.

An Unexpected Advocate (Part One)
By Ken Uyeda Fong

The call came in the middle of the night, its meaning unclear at first. God was calling Ken to spend his reputation on a group of people that none of his immediate family identified with — would he answer?