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: cultural and ethnic identities transmitted from parent to offspring

: Western thinking from being born or raised in North America

: hope in the promises of God as His children, co-heirs of His Kingdom on Earth

: stories about how Christian faith interacts with Asian and American cultures

Although our identity is first and foremost in Christ, how faith interacts with culture is a complicated issue. It’s not just that faith influences culture; culture also greatly influences how we understand our faith. INHERITANCE tells stories about how Christian faith interacts with Asian and American cultures.

How do our respective culture, heritage, and experiences affect how we understand God and how we practice our faith? What do Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders bring to the table and offer people from other cultures, and in turn learn from other cultures? We desire to affirm the diversity — gender, race, denomination, experience — of the Body of Christ and to help people recognize how they are uniquely and wonderfully made.

our values

We believe that ethnicity and race are important and should not be disregarded. As we honestly and deeply reflect on our own cultural backgrounds, we are not only able to understand more of who God is, but also appreciate what other cultures contribute as well.

As we critique and reflect upon various aspects of Asian and American cultures, we seek to understand culture’s impact on faith. In what ways does being Asian or Pacific Islander make it more difficult for us to understand Christian concepts of love and grace? In what ways does being American make it difficult for us to understand Christian concepts of sacrifice and community?

We seek not to have a prescribed notion of what the Asian American Christian community should look like, but to serve as a catalyst for a paradigm shift in thinking. We want people to ask questions, to be reflective, and to wonder.

We seek to serve as a bridge between different denominations and churches, to highlight what things can be learned from one another, and how there can be greater cooperation and mutual respect in the name of Christian unity.


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Daniel Chou

Sarah D. Park

John Eng Cheng

Petrina Jap, Heidi Kwon, Sara Lawson, John Mitsugi Riley, Grace Wong, Nathan Wu
Melissa Afable, Alisa Wong

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